We bet Demi Lovato wished someone would have snapped a photo of this — heck, we do too! One Direction singer Niall Horan had a major wardrobe malfunction during a golfing trip!

Golf typically isn’t a strenuous activity and it doesn’t require the acrobatics of flexibility that other sports require, but that doesn’t mean a person (or his pants) can’t over exert themselves. Poor Horan wound up ripping his pants and mooning everyone who was lucky enough to be on the green with him at the time.

So how did he do it? Was he tee-ing? Flexing? Jumping into a pond or windmill? Did he get attacked by a rabid Directioner? Nope. Niall ripped his pants when he bent over to tie his shoes! The ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ singer explained via Twitter:

It takes a strong man to continue a golf game with his booty hanging out, and an even stronger one to tweet about it!

In light of some creepy, scary news that recently broke about a pedophile using Justin Bieber and Horan’s identities to attract naked photos from underage fans, so maybe it’s good that his shots didn’t leak, because who knows what someone would have done with these?!

Horan wasn’t too freaked out by the incident, and we’re happy about that because his goofiness is a big part of his charm. Maybe the news of breaking 12 million sales consoled him! We just wonder what curse words he may have uttered when he heard them split.

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