The new season of America's Got Talent debuted on NBC Tuesday night and it's one of my daughter's favorite shows. We almost missed the premiere, but thankfully caught it. There are some very talented people here in the states and some not so talented as was shown in Tuesday's night premiere.

The last act of the night featured a mime. The mime received four 'X''s and was forced to cut his act short. What happened after this is what was so funny.

The mime ends up giving Howard Stern a piece of his mind and then turns on the audience, Howie Mandel, Mel B. and Heidi too and ends up charging the judges table. Security didn't intervene and try to stop the guy from reaching the table because they were in on the act, it was a prank that went well because it was Nick Cannon. You've gotta see this video and get ready for a laugh.

America's Got Talent will return next Tuesday at 7p on NBC.

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