It's inevitable and/or science: for every year of MTV Video Music Awards nominations, there is an equal and opposite furor from fans and artists alike over snubs and surprise nominations. (Like, what is the Taylor Swift-penned, Rihanna-starring "This Is What You Came For" even doing under Best Male Video? It's Calvin's song, but like...Best Male? Anyway...)

This year, of course, is no exception, and "Close (feat. Tove Lo)" singer Nick Jonas is one of the first artists to throw his (slightly bitter) hat into the Ring O' Discontent after learning that his video got "no love."

"😑," Nick wrote on Twitter following the VMAs announcement, which said it all — but then he really said it all.

"Disappointed with the fact Close got no love for the #VMAs2016," he went on.

And then, something happened.

The previously defeated-sounding pop star presumably sat up, lit a cigar alongside Future Now tourmate Demi Lovato, engaged in some light conspiracy theory chat and had a quick rethink about his life. And, in a matter of seconds, the Last Year Was Complicated crooner's tone turned around.

"Actually after thinking about it more there are so many amazing things happening in my life and career. 9 out of 10 boxes are checked...Won't let this one thing get to me. I'm feeling so inspired and grateful these days. Gonna focus more on caring less about the small stuff," he decided. "Everything is awesome 😎👊🏼"

Last year might have been complicated, but this year is crystal clear. It's the year of realizing things, after all.

Everything is awesome. Carry on, Nick. Carry on.

(To Nick's credit, it's a pretty good video — but he's at peace now with this decision, so let it be before he remembers why he was mad and gets upset all over again.)

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