Tina Yothers of ‘Family Ties’ fame and comedian Niecy Nash (‘Reno 911′) did the city mouse/country mouse thing on Tuesday’s episode of ‘Celebrity Wife Swap,’ both emerging relatively unscathed.

It didn’t look like it would turn out that way in the beginning, when self-described “city girl” Niecy was facing the prospect of “sleeping on the ground” (or “camping,” as other folks would call it) and completing freaked out at the farm animals who lived on Yothers’ property.

Things didn’t start off so hot for Yothers — who sports jet-black hair these days, Jennifer Keaton be damned — either, when her Earth mom routine failed to win over Nash’s cynical brood.

However, in the end, both families seemed to warm somewhat to their temporary celebrity moms, so we can classify this one as a ‘Wife Swap’ success. Check out a recap of the episode below.

[via ABC]

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