After last week's decision by the judge to toss out a former Denver radio morning host's suit against the star, it wasn't a shock today that the jury rendered a "swift" verdict on the remaining charges against Taylor's mother Andrea & their promotion rep.  Both were deemed to be within their rights to contact station management about the inappropriate encounter.  The broadcast company's subsequent inquiry resulted in the DJ being terminated from his employment, which eventually led to his lawsuit demanding up to $3-million from the Swift family & their record company as compensation for his lost career.

In addition, the jury did support Taylor Swift's claim that she was in fact groped, & awarded her the symbolic $1 she'd requested as compensation for the assault.  At the conclusion of today's court proceedings, Swift said she would be making donations to several organizations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves. KLTV's report has the full story on the final day of the case.


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