The future is now and I have always wanted to see one of these in person.

So in case you have no idea what I am talking about, for the past couple of years different countries have been experimenting with drone shows as a replacement to fireworks. You can check out one of the biggest ones above. Now I know some folks are saying I want my explosions still. Dallas is saying, why not both?


Dallas will still do their traditional big fireworks show for New Year's Eve. Apparently they have 4,000 fireworks ready to go for the big night. In addition, they have hired Sky Elements to bring in over 200 drones that will fly above the sky to give fans a lot more to ring in the new year. “It’s going to be fantastic,” said Rick Boss with Sky Elements. “This has been a great tradition in Dallas and we’re so glad to add to it.”

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According to Rick, he is one of the only companies in the country capable of doing a show like this and he's apparently the only one running on New Year's Eve in the USA. I'm actually really excited for this because now we will be able to see what is better.

The fireworks or the drones. Many are calling these drone shows the future and I think they have the potential to put on a better show. However, the grand finale of a fireworks show is epic. Also, just once I want to witness what happened in San Diego a couple of years ago where every firework was shot off at once.

Would you rather have a ten minute show or 30 seconds of pure happiness. By the way, if you don't plan on going to Dallas for New Years, you can watch the show in Wichita Falls. KFDX (NBC in Wichita Falls) has the rights to Lone Star NYE: Countdown to 2022. The show starts at 11:30 on New Year's Eve.

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