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If you've lived in this part of the world for any significant time, you know what a problem feral hogs are.  According to the USDA, these beasts cause roughly $1.5 Billion in damage in the U.S. each year.  Most of (but not all) the damage is in the south, and in states like Louisiana and Texas especially.

Now, officials are warning that the already destructive European Wild Boars have interbred with domestic (farm) pigs to create 'super-pigs.'  What makes this situation scary, is that this new hybrid feral hog seems to have gained a massive genetic advantage.  They exhibit all of the survivability and fortitude of the boars, while retaining the fertility of domesticated pigs.  The result is a feral hog that can literally eat anything (they're omnivores who have been known to eat dirt to survive), always ready to breed, and that produce large litters that average more than 10 piglets each.

This new breed of swine has the potential to cause even more widespread damage due to the sheer numbers of them pushing further and further into man's territory searching for food.  According to WPSA, they can run up to 30 miles an hour and can grow to an immense size.  The average is 75 to 250 pounds, but experts warn that they can get much bigger.  The largest on record was a massive 1,051 lbs, and had tusks around 5 inches long.  

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