One Direction make more than teen girls scream. They also make wannabe stars shake and cry, too. The band stopped by 'X Factor: Australia' to mentor the contestants, and the reaction to them was priceless.

When One Direction walked into the room, the girls in the room began crying, and even the guys geeked out -- one of them even copied Harry Styles' signature floppy curls! "Obviously, we've been in your position," Louis Tomlinson, decked out in a crisp white cable knit sweater said. "So just make sure you enjoy yourself, and best of luck." 1D then headed into the crowd of contestants to give hugs and share their wisdom.

Niall Horan had his own advice, offering, "The best thing you can do is just relax ... I was very nervous. I know exactly how it feels!" Aww, Niall! Such a sweetie!

Louis was actually pretty modest. "I was worried no one would care," he chuckled. "Like we'd walk out and they'd be like, 'Oh, One Direction. Ahh.'" Um, Louis, did you forget that you have the world's fastest selling preorder ever? You're kind of a big deal. One male contestant agreed, even telling Harry, "You're way hotter up close."

We were so jealous! Here's hoping they make an appearance on the U.S. 'X Factor.' We have a feeling Niall would love to visit a certain judge.

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