Everyone already knows that the bluebonnet is the Texas state flower. But a lot of people don't realize there's another flower in Texas that helps create a beautiful landscape. Daffodils.

In East Texas there is a what some like to call a 'private paradise' considered to be one of the best kept secrets in East Texas. Every February and March there is a 28-acre piece of land that transforms into a sight of golden landscape. Mrs. Lee's Gardens,  located in Gladewater, is actually a 918-acre farm, but it is known around these parts that the millions of blooming daffodils is what continues to bring nature lovers back year after year.

Generally the garden opens mid-February and stays open through March, or until the daffodils aren't in bloom anymore. When it is in season, which it is as we speak, the garden is open seven days a week between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Weather does affect the hours as wet road conditions can cause the garden to close.

Make sure when you get to Mrs. Lee's Gardens that you register your attendance - the future of the land depends on it.

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