A religious fanatic is believed by police to have possibly killed and dismembered 5 people, all under the guise of biblical sacrifice.

According to a report from the Washington Post, Jason Alan Thornburg, 41, was arrested Monday, September 27 on charges of capital murder.

Room 113

Thornburg resided in room 113 at Mid City Inn in Euless for approximately two months before police believe he killed a man and two women.

Neighbors told the New York Times and other outlets that Thornburg, "was a nice guy," who could often be found sitting outside his room reading the Bible. Thornburg regularly passed out flyers inviting residents to attend a local church, and would also invite other residents over to read scriptures with him.

The Dumpster Fire

In Fort Worth, on September 22, authorities responded to reports of a dumpster fire. Once the flames were extinguished, police discovered 3 dismembered bodies - 1 male and two female.

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The Investigation

Investigators were first able to identify the male victim by discovering a tattoo and a medical implant in his body. The man was David Lueras, age 42. Lueras was previously rooming with Thornburg before he was brutally murdered. The two women have also been identified, but police have chosen not to release their names at this time.

Caught on Camera

Police used surveillance footage from the scene of the fire to link Thornburg to the killings. A man could be seen on camera driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee and dumping several containers into the dumpster. Afterwards, the man lit the contents of the dumpster on fire and left.

Chilling Confession

When being interviewed by investigators, Thornburg told police that he was being called upon to perform sacrifices. Thornburg told investigators that the man and women he killed recently weren't his only sacrifices. Previously, Thornburg had "sacrificed" 61-year-old Mark Jewell, who was his roommate in Fort Worth. Afterwards, Thornburg set their home on fire. Thornburg also told police that he killed his girlfriend in Arizona, who until now was considered a missing person.

And Now?

Thornburg is currently incarcerated at the Tarrant county jail, and is being a held on a bond of  $1,000,000.

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