Don't freak out Bank of America Customers, your bank account isn't empty, even though it may look that way.

According to WXYZ, On Wednesday afternoon, many Bank of America customers took to social media saying that their online accounts had been emptied when viewing their "account summary." But Bank of America's Help team assured customers that they should see appropriate funds available when they click into individual accounts.

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Bank of America:

Some clients may currently see an inaccurate account balance when viewing their account summary in online banking/mobile," Bank of America said. "Clients should click the individual account view for their correct balance. Client accounts have not been impacted.

I would be flipping out if I checked my account and it showed $0. Although it wouldn't be shocking these days. Seriously, I can understand why people were losing their minds on social media yesterday. People are barely getting by as it is these days and a glitch like this certainly doesn't help their mental state.

It's not exactly clear what the hell happened aside from it being nothing more than a simple glitch. Luckily for customers, that's all it was. Could you imagine if it was more than a glitch and people's bank accounts actually were wiped out? Holy hell, that would be one big mess.

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