Winter, be gone. This whole snowpocalypse has been an absolute nightmare. No power. No water. The smell of no shower in a couple of days. Not cool Mother Nature, not cool. However, if Texas was in Norway, this Winter storm would be referred to as "texas", or crazy. I mean, we are a bit nuts in Texas but are they completely wrong with using Texas as slang for crazy?

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Take it as you will, but by saying "texas" in Norway, it means crazy. Texas Monthly did a whole write up on this. The article references that "Texas" is Norwegian slang for "crazy" or "wild". So, in Norway, "that game was texas" doesn't refer to Texas-OU weekend during the state fair or "this Winter weather is texas."

But, should we as Texans take offense to this? I don't think so. We do some "crazy" stuff that some would consider crazy but is perfectly normal to us. I came up with a few scenarios that some people would think are "crazy" but as Texans are not necessarily the case.

Is Texas Crazy?

I'm sure there are many other scenarios that us Texans consider normal that others would think are crazy. I just can't think of any more because they all sound normal to me. If you can think of one or two "crazy" things we Texans do, let us know in the comment section below. Gotta love our great state.

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