Saturday is the anniversary of one of the most famous tornado outbreaks in U.S. history; The Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak.

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On April 11th and 12th of 1965, 47 tornadoes touched down across six states in the Midwest, killing 271 people and injuring more than 1,500. At the time, it served as the second largest outbreak on record.

This deadly day produced 17 F4 tornadoes, 5 F3 tornadoes, 10 F2 tornadoes, and 15 F1 tornadoes. It also produced one of the most famously photographed tornadoes from Elkhart, Indiana. This tornado was photographed as a double funnel tornado and was rated an F4. It alone killed 14 people. Amazingly this tornado carried an airplane wing 35 miles away, where it was found in the town of Centreville, Michigan.

Another tornado, also an F4, killed 36 people just southeast of South Bend, Indiana. Many homes in one subdivision were completely destroyed, some of which were swept completely off their foundations.

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