The purpose of taking a shower is to clean oneself. Those living in hot and humid Texas regions may need multiple showers. However, if you are doing something other than washing yourself in the shower, it would be better to do it elsewhere.  A lot of Texans are notorious for doing this one thing while taking a shower.

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Peeing in the Shower


It doesn't matter if you have a toilet within a few inches or feet of the shower, people are just letting it flow in the shower.    A recent study was done to determine the shower habits of people in the United States.

37.4% of People Pee in the Shower Regularly

When you gotta go you gotta go, but again, there's a toilet.   When you pee in the shower your urine splashes all over the shower floor and walls and other people probably use the shower.  Yes, the water is flowing, but your pee will splash all over the walls where the water isn't hitting.  Urine is not sterile, it contains a bunch of bacteria.

You may tell yourself you're helping the environment by not flushing so you pee in the shower, and you might be occasionally.  If you're using a public shower and you are peeing in it then you're mixing your urine with others urine, and that's just ick.  No wonder they make shower shoes.

Please don't pee in the shower


Speaking of showers, let's talk showers without the pee.  The average Texan takes a 14.7-minute shower and showers almost 6 times per week.

SOURCE: The Showering Habits of Every U.S. State - Mr. Rooter

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