It was double songs all the way on ‘American Idol’ and who better to sing a double than the guy with a double name? Phillip Phillips started his “final seven” battle with some delicious ‘You Got It Bad’ by Usher. And now we’ve all got it bad, and can’t wait for our chance to meet up with Phillips in the midnight hour after his ‘In the Midnight Hour.’

Phillips took his folk guitar and obliterated any impression we ever had about Usher’s angsty ‘You Got It Bad.’ He wanted to keep it intimate and that’s exactly what he did. There was an unexpected sensuality to the song that had the audience on its feet and Jennifer Lopez saying, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Then he followed it up with a soul-filled, strutty and extremely fun performance of Wilson Pickett’s ‘In the Midnight Hour.’

Steven Tyler hit the nail on the head when he told Phillips that he surprises us every week. He said, “I feel like a chump. You fool us every time. We never know what we’re gonna get.” And then J. Lo had Phillips blushing with her declaration of how sexy his performance was. “That was so sexy. Very sexy,” she raved. She said he was a great singer because he can sing any song. And Randy Jackson may not have found him sexy but he did say, “You are the bomb!”

Later, they ate him up like the yummy treat he was during his second performance. Jackson admired his ability to always have exactly what he needs in a performance and his knack for being exactly who he is. Lopez had a hard time staying in her chair. Her declaration of, “You make me want to get up there and do that little step with you” had us all ready to see a little Phillips and Lopez dance number. Finally, Tyler had it right when he called Phillips “brilliantly awkward.”

Jimmy Lovine said this song would earn him new fans tonight and he was most certainly right. Anyone watching officially has it bad for Phillip Phillips.