Working out in a mask is a new challenge to patrons of this Lufkin gym. If you haven't been going out, just so you don't have to try to breath in a mask, working out in one might be a bit daunting. Starting on August 1st, 2020 everyone, regardless of what they are doing, Everyone will be wearing a mask at the Lufkin Planet Fitness.

This is not just for our Lufkin location, they have instituted this plan for all of their clubs going forward. The instructors, and all employees will also be wearing masks. They are also cleaning like never before. They were always a judgement free zone, now they are calling the staff the "Clean Thumb Club."

MASK UP & KEEP MOVIN' is the mantra for the 2000+ clubs worldwide. Providing a safe gym environment as they reopen gyms like ours here in Lufkin.

Tips for working out in a mask.

1.Find Your Fit

2. Breath with rhythm

3. Actively Rest while exercising

4. Plan Breaks

5. Keep it short

They have also put out free workouts that you can do at home, while not wearing a mask at 8am every Monday - Friday. You can watch them on YouTube, Facebook, or IGTV. These work-in's as they are called, are connecting people working out all around the globe in 36 countries. United We Move.

They are really going all out, and I think that their strategies to keep everyone safe while they work out, will keep their business going during this pandemic. That said, working out in a mask is hard. I recommend a paper surgical mask, so far that is the one that has been the most breathable for me.





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