Summer is here and the only thing kids can think about is going to the pool. Teach them these pool games to make their time there even more fun!

Swimming is always great in the summer, but adding games and contests only makes a day at the pool better! Check out these great games for your kids this summer:

Marco Polo

This is a classic, and that means it never gets old! Have one person designated as "Marco" and they must keep their eyes closed at all times. When they shout, "Marco" everyone else in the pool must respond with the word, "Polo." The goal is for "Marco" to find and tag one of the other players. The other players are allowed to swim freely around the pool with their eyes open to try and avoid being tagged. This game is best played in a shallow end of a pool with a large group.

Sharks and Minnows

Another oldie, but you can't go wrong with it! Designate one person to be the shark and all other players are designated as minnows. The shark stands on the diving board with their back to the pool while the minnows line up along either sides of the pool. The goal for the minnows is to swim back and forth from wall to wall without being tagged by the shark. The catch for the shark is that every time they turn around to see if anyone is swimming across and are wrong they must take a step away from the pool. Definitely save this for the deep end of the pool with a large group.

Trick Contest

Everyone loves to show off their skills, so why not have a judge sit and watch all the contenders strut their stuff. This can include jumps off the diving board, handstands, flips underwater, or anything else you can think of! Have fun with this one and be creative!