Wedding season is in full bloom but unfortunately for some folks who may have been planning their big day, a formal wear chain with a location here in East Texas has closed suddenly and without explanation.

Al's Formal Wear Is No Longer Open

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In a shocking move over the weekend, the parent company of Al's Formal Wear, which started in Fort Worth 61 years ago, closed all of its stores and informed employees it is ceasing operations according to CBS News Texas. The sudden closure has put wedding parties all across the region into a state of panic as many try to figure what to do next.

Employees of Al’s Formal Wear said they were informed Saturday that they were out of jobs during a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Al's parent company, Dapper and Dashing is based out of Atlanta and owns seven other tuxedo and bridal shops across the country. Employees report that they were told to place signs on doors saying they would be closed on Sunday. Then, early Monday morning an urgent email from the owners of Al's Formal Wear said that employees were being laid off.

We Tried To Contact The Longview Location But Received No Answer.

The good news for some is, if you already rented a suit from Al's YOU CAN KEEP IT according to some folks who tried to return suits they rented over the weekend to their locations. The company has 26 stores in Texas total but its estimated that about 100 stores in half a dozen states are affected by the sudden closure.

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