Has science gone too far? You decide because we now have a corn dog beer.


I'm not exactly sure what happened in the past twenty or so years in the beer industry where we need all these strange flavors of beer. I'm never one to turn down a cold one, but you will see some interesting choices your next trip down the beer aisle. For instance, did you know Fletcher's Corn Dogs has their own beer?

The Iconic Fletcher's Corn Dog

The debate as to who invented the corn dog has raged on for almost 100 years. Fletcher's claims they were the first back in 1942 at the Texas State Fair. I don't care who invented it, I am just thankful they're around and Fletcher's is one of the best. However, Fletcher's has loaned the rights to their name to a Fort Worth brewery for a beer and I'm not too sure about this thing.

Fletcher's Corny Dogs Mustard Beer

That's right, a mustard beer inspired by the popular topping for Fletcher's Corny Dogs. Martin House Brewing doesn't mess around with what this thing tastes like. "It's a thick brew that is BRIGHT yellow and tastes like - you guessed it - mustard," they say on the description. So if you always wanted mustard in your beer, go hit up Martin House Brewing in Fort Worth at their taproom. You can get it on draft and to go cans are available as well.

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If anyone has actually tried this strange concoction, let me know. I love mustard and beer, but the two together does not sound appealing.

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