Don't look now, children of the '90s, but the Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year -- and they're marking the occasion with the release of a new album.

While the new record is still waiting for a title and/or an official release date, the guys have been hard at work in the studio, and they're starting to whet fans' appetites with a few teasers from what will be their first full-length release since 2009's 'This Is Us.'

The group played snippets from eight new songs during a 20th anniversary party (via ONTD), video from which is embedded above; titles include 'Soldier,' 'Breathe,' 'Trust Me,' 'In Your Arms,' 'Madeleine,' and 'Permanent Stain.' These recordings represent the first non-Christmas music the Backstreet Boys will have released since original member Kevin Richardson announced his return last year, following a six-year absence.

Whenever it's released and whatever it's called, the next album represents the start of a new chapter in the group's history. Following 'This Is Us,' the Backstreet Boys left their longtime label, Jive Records, and they've yet to announce a partnership with a new record company. Over the last few years, they've focused more on live performances, embarking on a handful of tours -- including their much-ballyhooed collaboration with the New Kids on the Block, co-billed as NKOTBSB.

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