As with most of you, I stayed at home as much as possible during the quarantine. One service I became a huge fan of is curbside pickup or delivery of food from my favorite restaurant. I have the waistline expansion to prove that.

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Granted, I was already a fan of delivery apps like Waitr or Grubhub, but I really became a fan of the individual restaurant apps. Using those apps, you can order your food, pay for it right there in the app, and in the time of making the drive to pick up your dinner, your food is prepared and ready to take home as soon as you pull up.

Perfect example is Whataburger. I have used their app a lot during the quarantine. There is a Whataburger maybe three quarters of a mile away from me. I order on the app, put my shoes on, head to the restaurant, pick up my food and back home within fifteen minutes. It's super convenient. Plus I like the rewards they offer, I've already earned a free taquito and free order of onion rings.

During Mother's Day Weekend, my girlfriend ordered food for her step mother from Texas Roadhouse. We went on their website, ordered for five people, pulled up and in about ten minutes had our food. Super easy, super convenient.

I honestly may continue using the delivery apps or curbside pickup for the foreseeable future.

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