This week’s episode of ‘Glee,’ ‘On My Way,’ was all about choosing life and not backing down, but the last two seconds were shockingly somber.

It seemed like Quinn was back on top after her rebellious phase and attempts at stealing her child back earlier this season. She’s forgiven. She’s been forgiven. She’s been accepted to Yale, and in ‘On My Way,’ she was accepted back onto the Cheerios. She even made peace with Rachel, telling her she’s happy that she and Finn are getting married. But the end of ‘On My Way’ threatened to change everything for Quinn.

After Rachel hears that Quinn is okay with her getting married to Finn, she invites her to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. On the wedding day, while Finn gets sentimental and the lovebirds’ parents devise a disruption, Quinn is caught in traffic after going home to get her bridesmaid’s dress. She gets several frantic texts from Rachel, asking urgently “where are you??” As she is texting “on my way,” her car is hit by a truck.

We’ve seen Quinn go througfh a lot in her senior year, too much for her to be a victim of texting-while driving. Please be okay, Quinn, PLEASE!

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