The Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin has welcomed a new arrival, a rare white lion.

The cute cub is not on display to the public yet as they need to give time for mother and cub to bond but they do have pictures on their Facebook page.


Zoo Curator, Celia Falzone, told KLTV, "We had no idea what to expect, both parents are normal colored lions. White coloring is a natural mutation, it does occur in the wild, but it’s a recessive genetic trait."

The last time a birth like this happened, the lion changed to normal colors in about six months.

Flazone went on to say "It’s important for people to know that this does not mean the cub is albino, it does have pigmentation around its mouth and eyes.”

As far as when the cub will go on display to the public, it all depends on how the mother and cub bond. The less human contact, the better.