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The live Christmas tree that you bought and brought into your home to beautifully decorate with lights and family memories is bringing your family a lot of joy this Christmas, but what are you going to do with it after Christmas when it's all dried out and the needles are falling off of it and making a mess on the living room carpet? Recycle it of course. That Balsam, Frasier, Douglas Fir or Spruce Pine could end up benefitting the fish population in Tyler, Texas area lakes.

When you make the decision to undecorate the tree, whether December 26th or January 2nd, you can take that tree to one of the recycling drop-off locations in Tyler and it could end up being used as fish habitat in an area lake or turned into mulch for the parks department.

Beginning Monday, December 26th residents may drop off undecorated, non-flocked trees at the designated spots on Fun Forest Park or Golden Road Park in Tyler. Trees must be free of decorations, tinsel and lights. These drop-off locations will be available to residents free of charge through Sunday, January 15th. If you set your tree curbside for the City Of Tyler Solid Waste Department to pick up on normal trash days, those trees WILL NOT be recycled.

Recycled trees in the designated areas are available for area fishermen/fisherwomen to pick up for use in ponds and lakes to create a fish habitat. The City of Tyler says,

'Small fish eat the aquatic insects that find a home in the tree branches. The fish also use the trees as a hiding place. As a result, fishing is improved around the recycled trees because more fish congregate in these areas.'

Christmas Tree Recycling Drop-Off Locations:

Golden Road Park - located at McDonald Rd. and Golden Rd.
Fun Forest Park - located in the 900 block of N. Glenwood Blvd.

The last day to drop off trees will be Saturday, January 15th. Just look for the signs that say 'Christmas Tree Drop-Off'.

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