Friday night I spent the evening at my parent's place, Forever Farm, where I fed a newborn calf. This little guy who has been dubbed, Red Wing, has had a rough start in life. He came into this world on Thursday night after a long and painful delivery.

His large size caused complications for his mother that led to her death, and now the little man is on his own. Shortly after Red Wing was born he stood up on the dam at the pond and then tumbled down it on his clumsy newborn legs, but he got back up.

There are two other young female calves on the farm nursing their mothers, but the mothers will not feed Red Wing. Instead, twice a day my mom mixes milk and feeds him.

Friday night, just 24 hours after he was born, I helped feed him. He was still so young that he was having a difficult time taking the bottle.

The first two calves born, were easy deliveries. My mom had left the farm and gone to town to run errands, and when she returned she found a baby calf had been born.

Calf #1 who is a solid black little girl was born on February 27th.


Calf #2 a brown and black baby girl, was born just one day before Red Wing. She arrived on March 12th.


One mama cow still has not delivered yet. One more baby to go, and it could happen any day now.


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