The 30th anniversary of the East Texas Auto & Cycle Show was at Harvey Convention Center last year. There was a plethora of vehicles and motorcycles on display for all to see. For a $10 entry, which has always benefited the East Texas Crisis Center, you got a huge bargain for the awesome machines you could get up close and personal with.

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Being the Tim Burton fan that I am, hearing that the Batmobile from his 80's Batman movie was going to be there, I had to go see it. Yeah, I geeked out a bit. The only thing that could have made this better was if they got to crank it and shoot some flames from the back.

The other featured vehicles were a red 2006 Ford GT 40 and a yellow 2020 Ford GT 40. The 2020 model was one of the first to arrive in Texas, and it belongs to a gentleman in Longview. There was even a 1966 Ford GT 40 on display.

I can't wait until this mess is all over so we can have another afternoon of being amazed at some spectacular cars.

Remembering When We Could do Fun Stuff: 2020 East Texas Auto & Cycle Show

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