A study conducted at Texas A&M University found that, in a nutshell, workers tend to make more mistakes and are less active on Friday afternoons, but there's a little more to it.

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By gathering certain metrics like typing speed, mouse activity and typing errors, researchers were able to find that computer use increased throughout the week, but dropped off severely on Fridays.

The number of tasks that workers were able to complete also steadily increased from Monday through Wednesday, but people got less and less done starting Thursday.

When are we MOST productive?

Another study from Redbooth found that, on an average work day, we get the most done around 11am, just before lunchtime. Following lunch, our productivity declines until taking a nose-dive after about 4 pm.

Throughout the year, we tend to be the most productive in October, with January being the least productive month. Fall tends to see the highest productivity overall, with winter trailing way behind as least productive season.

Moneypenny.com also chimes in, stating that in Texas, the most productive time of day for workers is Monday at 11:44 am.

They contrast this by saying that in Oregon, most workers actually get the most done on Fridays at 10:33 am... I don't know what they're doing over there in Oregon, but what human comes into work on Friday going, "you know what, I think today's the day I do all the work I've been putting of."

So, the next time your boss asks why you didn't get those expense reports in on time, you tell them that hey, at least you don't live in Oregon...

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