With less then two months left in 2017, I have seen and done some things that were quite petty, but there is one restaurant in Dallas who takes the cake and gets a deserving nomination for Most Petty 2017.

From the New York Daily News, an owner of a Texas restaurant is being called transphobic for putting photos of Caitlyn Jenner covering the bathroom doors in his restaurant. He uses Bruce to indicate men and Caitlyn to indicate women. Not to editorialize, but this seems like it was in jest.

The incident went viral Dodie’s Place Cajun Bar and Grill posted a photo on their Facebook page in August, talking about “the newest members of the Dodie’s crew”.  When they revealed the newest member it was a photo of their bathroom doors covered with photos of Caitlyn Jenner before and after transition.

On the women’s bathroom door there is a photo of now a 68-year-old Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine, and on the men’s bathroom there a picture of the 1976 Bruce Jenner at the Summer Olympics, before he came out as a transgender.

Now, these photos have been up for months, but a Dallas Morning News reporter shared the photo on Twitter on Monday.

Representatives from Dodie’s have not commented on the photos publicly. If you decide to comment, please keep it respectful.

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