There’s a reason Oprah is so rich: She knows how to sell just about anything. Her upcoming episode of ‘Oprah: The Next Chapter’ with Rihanna is no exception, as the teasers keep getting juicier and juicier. In a new set of clips, we actually see the ‘Hard’ singer sobbing before breaking into giggles and making fun of herself, saying, “I’m gonna look so soft!”

What topic made her bust out the waterworks? Take a wild guess.Oprah’s maternal interview style makes the tough questions much harder for celebs to swallow, so if Rihanna was ever going to discuss her relationship with Chris Brown, who notoriously assaulted her in 2009, it would be with the Big O. During an interview in her home country of Barbados, RiRi gets weepy when Oprah asks about her former (and possibly current) love.

“Do you think Chris Brown is a true love for you?” O asks, followed by, “Where does your relationship with him stand today?” Unfortunately for us — but fortunately for OWN’s advertisers — we don’t hear the answers just yet. We do, however, get some insight to how she reacted to their split.

“It was embarrassing, it was humiliating,” Rihanna said through tears. “I lost my best friend. I was resentful. I had a grudge, I was dark,” she added, sniffling.

Elsewhere in the clip, we see Rihanna and Oprah cruising around her hometown, visiting old friends in her neighborhood and even going back to her childhood home. There’s clearly a bond between Rihanna and Oprah (OprRhi?), and the teasers do a great job at building anticipation of the episode. You can catch RiRi on ‘Oprah: The Next Chapter’ on Aug. 19.

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