Black Friday was a bleak day for me. I said a final goodbye to my cat, Georgie, who has been part of life for more than ten years.

Although I had noticed some signs that she was aging, and not as agile as she once was, I didn't realize how sick she had become over the last few months. Friday morning, my finance' and I took her to the vet, with hopes that my guy feeling was wrong. Sadly, they confirmed what my heart already knew, that it was time to let her go.

I cried all day Friday. I cried so much that my eyelids were red and purple. They stayed swollen all day, and Saturday was not much brighter. Even today, I'm struggling to keep my emotions in check.

I grew up with pets, both cats and dogs, but Georgie and Tammy were the first two pets, that were my sole responsibility. I adopted them from a friend in September 2006, and we've been a little family every since.

Georgie was my lap kitty. The cats I had growing up never wanted to be held or cuddled. They liked their independence, but Georgie was a cuddle-bug. She loved to be in my lap, and she purred so loud that you could hear her across the room. She was a love, and a light in my life.

She and Tammy came into my life on the same day, and they were pals. They could often be found cuddle up together napping, or sometimes grooming each other. They were buddies. They played together, and sometimes bullied each other like siblings do. They sometimes fought over my lap, but often could squeeze onto it together.

My heart is broken to know that she will never curl up on my lap and purr again, but I knew she was in too much pain to stay here any longer. She was a beauty, and I loved taking pictures of her. Lots of photos are in the gallery above.

I managed to catch a few fun videos of her, too. Here she is playing, hyperlapsed.

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