It's official, Rob Burgundy is my favorite person on the planet.

To be fair, prior to this week, Ron might have already been my favorite person. Anyone who knows me knows that both Anchorman movies are two of my favorite flicks of all time.

Last year, I fell in absolute love with what I believe to be the best podcast of all time, The Ron Burgundy Podcast. It's truly a phenomenal feat to host a long-form podcast as a character, but Will Ferrell Effortlessly nails it every single episode.

Now, season two has kicked off and Burgundy stopped by the late night shows to promote it... The cool part is that he appeared on all late night shows on the same night, and performed his new stand up routine on each one. It's hilarious because Ron Burgundy is an excellent newsman, but a terrible stand up comedian. Will Ferrell absolutely crushes this each time.

Check out all of the appearances below!









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