In a special Gilmore Girls episode of Some Like It PopSamantha Vincenty and Ali Szubiak look back at a subject of eternal debate: Dean, Jess or Logan?

Ultimately, all three were perfect for Rory in a particular phase of her young life (well, except for that time when Dean was married), and our feelings on each dude are informed by:
a.)  Our own romantic experiences
b. ) Shallow physical preference, and
c. ) Where we're currently landing on the spectrum of romantic expectations.

For example, Ali loved Jess the most when she watched in high school, but as an adult she scowls at Jess's lack of communication skills and admires Logan's albeit-slow evolution into a grownass man partner.

Also briefly discussed: Marty, Disinterested Yale Laundry Room Guy and Tristan, whom I refer to as "Christian" because his tenure on GG was so short that I 100% forgot Chad Michael Murray's Chilton name.

Even after our ranking, we're still having more thoughts. Remember when Jess was going to get his own spinoff called Windward Circle based in California where he'd taken a bus to find his dad, but then the network decided it was too expensive to shoot in Venice Beach? Would've it have been great to see the trajectory from Season 3 sulky high school dropout Jess to the still-sulky published author Jess we meet in Season 6? And would Tristan's character have actually gone somewhere with Rory, had One Tree Hill not poached Chad Michael Murray? Alternate futures abound; life is truly a set of Sliding Doors.

Listen above, subscribe on iTunes and let us know your own Dean-Jess-Logan ranking.

Photos from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

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