Here in Texas, we don’t play about a couple of things: The Dallas Cowboys, our families, and we don’t play about our food. But according to Valley Central restaurants in the great state of Texas didn’t get the memo.

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Winecow Argentina Steakhouse located at 4900 West Expressway 83 in McAllen Texas had a rude awakening on February 1. When the establishment was inspected by the food patrol they learned very quickly on the visit to the Winecco Argentina Steakhouse that the inspection would not only be a disappointing one but the establishment itself continuously made bad decisions. There was a discovery of avocados that were so hard that you could hammer a nail with expired meat in the refrigerator.



When the food patrol gave the establishment another chance, Winecow Argentina Steakhouse promised they had cleaned the place up. Unfortunately, this might not be able to be followed through because the restaurant is understaffed. I know certain individuals think why not just go to another restaurant or even cook it home but the reality of it is if I’m out to eat with my family the last thing I want is spoiled meat and vegetables. Let’s hope this particular establishment has learned from some mistakes.

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