You might not be able to stream Taylor Swift’s 1989 anywhere online except Apple Music, but that’s all right — you can just listen to Ryan Adams’ covers album on YouTube instead.

After teasing the project for a little over month — including a bunch of short snippets and the full-length release of “Bad Blood” — Adams totally disregarded New Music Fridays and dropped his version of 1989 on Apple Music at midnight today (September 21).

And while Swift still has an issue with the majority of streaming sites, Adams’ version is, against all odds, available to listen in its entirety over on his official YouTube channel. We highly recommend playing it straight through, from start to finish.

The largely unlistenable “Welcome to New York” in particular (sorry Taylor, 1989 is otherwise great, but this track a blunder I can only overlook by pretending it was a terrible fever dream that doesn't actually exist outside of my nightmares) benefits hugely from Adams’ approach: His is decidedly more Springsteen in nature, and sounds like it was written by someone who’s really experienced all of New York -- not just its parks and penthouse apartments.

And that's kind of how the entire covers album reads. Adams removes Swift's slick pop production (which isn't a slight against her sound -- it works for what she wanted to accomplish), so you get more of a barebones feel here. If anyone doubts Swift's abilities as a songwriter, this album is proof that the tracks hold up.

Head over to Apple Music or Ryan Adams' YouTube channel to hear the entire album in full.

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