Last night on ‘American Idol,’ handsome host Ryan Seacrest, who, according to TMZ, was battling a stomach bug, had to deal with another ailment: the fact that his lady love Julianne Hough is crushing on contestant Phillip Phillips.

The singer has an effect on women. Remember, J. Lo‘s comments on one of PP’s perfs? She cooed, “That was sooooo sexy.” Clearly, ladies love the singer/guitarist. We admit it. He is cute and he has oodles of talent.

After the singer performed, Seacrest told the studio and viewing audiences that Phillips, 21, rushed past Hough, 23, backstage, causing her to have a “reaction.” Seacrest said, “I think she sighed and blushed and said, ‘Yummy.’” The camera then panned to the actress/singer, who was sheepish and giggling at being outed. You know, like a schoolgirl with a crush. Her boyfriend, who is nearly 15 years her senior, continued, “We’ll be having this conversation after the show, darling.” Zing!

If Phillip Phillips gets voted off tonight (April 26), it may have to do with Seacrest stuffing the ballot or altering the results, since he sees the singer as a threat and needs to send him on his merry way. Karma, right? We kid, we kid. Seacrest would never do anything like that, even when his GF is crushing on an ‘Idol’ cutie.

Watch Ryan Seacrest Call Out Girlfriend’s Crush on Phillip Phillips