Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. What is not to love about getting together with family members and eat way too much food. Obviously, Thanksgiving holidays change as you get older, but I will always love those memories. There are some traditions that just don’t happen anymore, and I will always miss them.  

One tradition that I will never miss is the frantic cleaning up the house before family comes over. It’s so funny how we all try to clean and act like our homes don’t get messy before welcoming people over for the holiday. But I can promise you that your real family doesn’t care if you wiped down your baseboards. Just have fun with your family and enjoy the time together. 

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One Thanksgiving Tradition I Miss The Most 

My favorite Thanksgiving memories growing up were always when all of my brothers (and neighborhood kids) played football on the holiday before dinner was ready. Often times the game ended with a few torn shirts or maybe someone arguing about scoring a touchdown but those were some fantastic Turkey Bowl memories. 

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Even Black Friday Used to Be a Fun Memory 

I’m excited that retailers are closing so more people can spend time with family, but I remember growing up that my mom and grandma used to look forward to fighting the crowds for deals on Black Friday. It was their own bonding time, and they both loved it.  

Tom Pennington
Tom Pennington

While Thanksgiving might not be what it used to be, I still look forward to being with loved ones. I hope you and your family have a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday.  

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