Well, this is pretty horrific.

A couple of dumpster divers were checking out the bin behind PetSmart when they came across dozens of live fish, cruelly discarded among the trash. TikTok user @ugckatehahn32 lifts the fish up to the camera, in the video she posted 2 days ago, and you can see them swimming around, and very much alive.

It made me wonder what the actual store policy is on fish that haven't sold. I would imagine these little guys were tossed out to make room for a new shipment. I searched the internet for some answers but ended up with more questions.

Most pet store owners say that they keep their fish on the shelves until they are sold or simply die of old age. I didn't find anyone saying it was "normal" to throw away fish that are still living.

In fact, I found countless articles detailing this practice in the company. It's clearly not the first time it's happened. Unfortunately, many states in the US exclude the protection of fish in their animal abuse laws.

Here's the awful video below:

It just makes me really sad. I've spent a lot of money at PetSmart over the years. I was just there recently to buy some products for my cats. I don't think that I will be able to ever go back in good conscience. I would expect a pet store to be a place that loves animals and protects them. This is very wrong.

Have you ever seen anything like this at PetSmart? I'm very curious to hear your take on this situation. Please comment below this article on our Facebook page. Email me at Chrissy.Covington@townsquaremedia.com if you're an employee and would like to fill me in on the actual policies you guys have in regard to the fish you don't sell.

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