It what was an entertaining game between the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday night, which Dallas won 26-20, but the highlight of the night was Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott scoring on a 2 yard run then jumping into the Salvation Army kettle that was behind the end zone. Zeke was penalized 15 yards for excessive celebration but, because of what he did, the Salvation Army has benefited.

According to, Lt. Col. Ron Busroe of the Salvation Army said in the 12 and a half hours after Elliott's celebration, the Salvation Army received $182,000 in online donations, a 61 percent increase from the week before.

Normally, players are also fined for the excessive celebration penalty, $12,154, but Elliott said he would match the fine with a donation to the Salvation Army.

According to, Elliott was not fined by the NFL but will still make a $21,000 donation. Zeke posted his donation on Twitter and also said in the post that a donation of $21, his jersey number by the way, will feed a family for three days.

Personally, I think the NFL needs to loosen up and let the players have some fun when they score. What Zeke did was in no way disrespecting the opponent. His purpose, in my opinion, was to put a great organization in the spotlight, and it worked. The NFL was right not to fine him and kudos to Elliott for making a donation anyway.

After the game, head coach Jason Garrett was asked about the kettle jump. As the coach, he was not happy about getting the penalty but you can tell, that despite his unhappiness with the stunt, I think Garrett forgave Elliott pretty quickly.

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