The only time I'm cool with mice in the kitchen is in Disney cartoons voiced by human comedians. From the comments on this viral Tik Tok out of San Antonio, TX, everyone feels exactly the same way as me.

Have you guys seen this? It's like a whole family, I'm talking generations of rats, took over this Taco Cabana. Yo, these rats know where everything is. They're running around like they own the place. After this I think we should probably just cut our losses and give it to them. The Taco Cabana has fallen. I repeat the Taco Cabana has fallen.

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Rita Guarnero-Longoria, who goes by @ritalongg on TikTok, tells CBS Austin that she  "visited a Taco Cabana restaurant in San Antonio at midnight over the weekend, thinking it was open 24 hours. She said she drove around the drive-thru, thinking she would come across an employee, but was supposedly greeted by rats instead."


I'm not sure how you can tell whether or not a pack of nasty wild mice "migrated from an outside source within the previous 48-72 hours," but Imma be honest, it doesn't really put me at ease. Anyway that's part of the statement that Taco Cabana released via email. Here ya go:

"On Sunday, July 3, 2022, pest activity was identified at Taco Cabana's restaurant location at 6040 Bandera in San Antonio, TX. The health and safety of Taco Cabana's guests and team members, and the cleanliness and high-quality standards of all Taco Cabana restaurants, is, and remains to be, the utmost priority. This was an isolated incident and TC investigated, then worked swiftly and efficiently to address and eliminate the pest situation. The pests are confirmed to have recently migrated from an outside source within the previous 48 to 72 hours, as mandated third-party sanitation and Health Department inspections revealed no recent activity prior to July 3, 2022."

The release also went on to say that "the location was closed and a thorough inspection and extensive sanitation was completed."

Watch the original Not Suitable for Work video below (may wanna turn down the volume, this lady knows a lot of swears):


@ritalongg Rats in San Antonio tx taco cabana on bandera on 410 don’t ever eat there #fyp #ratatouille #tacocabana #gross ♬ original sound - Rita

I'll be passing on this place for a while, thank you.

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