It’s been a little chilly around here lately. Tuesday the 4th we had a high of 74 degrees in Tyler, but just the next day the high was 43 degrees. So yeah, we’ve had some cold temperatures around here lately. However, that’s nothing compared to what happened 87 years ago Saturday.

February 8th, 1933 is the day that holds the record for the coldest temperature ever recorded in Texas. On that day, the mercury dropped to 23 degrees below zero in a town called Seminole in west Texas. That’s the coldest it’s ever been in the Lone Star state. Being on the west side of the state, it makes sense.

Oftentimes cold air from the mountains and plateaus west of Texas often spill east. As the air moves into Texas it tends to warm, but sometimes it doesn’t have enough of a chance to rebound.

Now while we’ve been a little cool around here lately, we haven’t been that cold. Going forward it looks like we could see some more cool temperatures. The outlook from the Climate Prediction Center indicates that we have a halfway decent chance to see below normal temperatures through mid to late February. But after that, temperatures are expected to warm. The outlook through April indicates we have a pretty good chance to see above normal temperatures.

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