Need something to give you faith in humans? The Saved By the Bell cast still reunites for dinner from time to time.

Mark Paul Gosselar and Mario Lopez took to social media to share the evening with fans. Gosselar and his wife, Lopez and his wife met up for dinner with Elizabeth Berkley, Tiffani Theissen and their spouses.

Can you imagine dining in that restaurant with these cool kids nearby at another table. It would feel like you were back at The Max, right?!?

This moment had me looking back on the reunion skit they did with Jimmy Fallon back in 2015. It's been four years, maybe it's time for an update? I would watch. To say I loved 'Saved by the Bell' is an understatement.

This show was more consistent in my life than just about anything else. I watched it everyday after school. There were usually two thirty minute episodes back to back in syndication, and I watched them both along with most of my classmates.

What happened on 'Saved by the Bell' the day before was typically the topic of conversation on the playground or in the hallway at school.

How cool is it that the core group of actors are still friends 30 years later? My fingers are crossed for another reunion. Cheers to that.

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