This weekend, I was spending some time with my parents. My mom went to pick up lunch so me and my dad got some father son time. He told me about a scammer that gave him a call a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, he didn't fall for it but, it was pretty convincing to him.

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We've heard of the phone scams where someone calls and pretends to be a grand kid who has gotten in trouble and been sent to jail. The scammers put on a pretty good act to convince the other person to pay such and such amount for bail. Some have fallen for it and lost thousands of dollars.

My dad told me that a couple of weeks ago, he got one of those calls. He said the number did look a little funny but he answered anyway. When he picked up, the person on the other side said "Hey grandpa." Which was a red flag because my dad is not called grandpa by either grand kids. The caller went into a story of getting into wreck while riding with his friend. The story went on saying the cops searched the car he and his friend were in and found a loaded gun. He and his friend were in jail and needed $5,000 to bail him out. The caller even gave him a name of a court appointed attorney.

My dad said okay initially. He called the number they gave him a few minutes later and said he had the money. The caller said he would be there in a few minutes to pick it up. My dad was already a little skeptical as it was. He hung up and called the courthouse and inquired about the name of the court appointed attorney the scammers gave him. The court had no record of it.

He then called his grandson, my nephew, and he said he was at home and nothing had happened. Dad called the number back and told him he talked to his grandson and he was okay. The scammer immediately hung up.

Scammers are on the same low level as thieves. To use this type of deceit to steal money is pure evil, just like a thief who comes into your home and takes your things. I've talked with mom and dad a lot about avoiding these types of scams either by phone or through email. Talk to your parents and set up some kind of plan if they get a call like this or what a suspicious email can look like and what to do if they get one.

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