The news came as a bit of a shock. Once again, the words Texas and chainsaw have been thrown together to tantalize horror fans. This time for a new video game.

The Trailer For The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Has Us Hooked

To be honest, the trailer does make you wonder exactly what the game will be like. Some are hoping it is like Friday The 13th: The Game, where one player takes on the role of Jason while other players try to escape.

I've played Friday The 13th with some friends of mine, and it was a blast. The tension that built as you hid in a cabinet watching Jason walk by you was intense, only to be eased by the idiotic giggling of the three of us.

A Texas Chainsaw Massacre game like that is probably something I would play.

Is There Too Much Massacre When It Comes To Texas Chainsaws?

Another way to put it would be, have we beat this horse beyond death yet? Another way to put it would be, can't we find something else? Chupacabras. Bigfoot. Anything.

Why not have a game where you're a Dallas Cowboys fan and you have to escape Jerry Jones?

There are other horror films based in Texas, you know? Why not make a video game based on Manos?

There are so many sequels, and spinoffs, that I just initially rolled my eyes when I heard the news about the game.

This Isn't Leatherface's First Foray Into Video Games

Leatherface has shown up in other franchises already. He's been featured in Mortal Kombat and his likeness is used in the title, Dead By Daylight.

Hopefully, this game brings something new to the table when it comes to all of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre stuff we've seen so far.

Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait to see exactly what this will be. So far, all we have is this trailer.

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