This is the type of news that will scare any parent, but it's the reality of the situation here in Tyler, Texas this afternoon. I was shocked to read a text message saying there was a school shooting threat online made against Tyler Legacy High School, sending it into lockdown. This is also being reported by KETK.

We are staying in touch with law enforcement for updates but there has not been a shooting at this time.

No matter if there have been bullets flying or not, it is a very shocking feeling to have the potential of something this horrible happening. You know that it could happen in any town at any time, but it's always a bit different we were talking about our community. Rest assured parents, the school and administration is doing everything possible to keep all kids safe at this time.

Not a Ton of Details Regarding the Shooting Threat At This Time

So far, it sounds like there was a school shooting threat that was made on social media via Snapchat and that is what caused the school administration to react and signal the lockdown. At this point details are still slow to be released, and the specific threat didn't mention Tyler Legacy or TISD. We have since been able to find the threat:

Just Another Reason to Hug Your Loved Ones Tonight

Let's hope this whole situation is behind us in just a few hours and the threat isn't credible. This is just a reminder to hug your loved ones tonight. You never know when a situation like this could pop up even in East Texas.

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