Sean Paul and Kelly Rowland teamed up for the 'How Deep Is Your Love' video, which takes place in an decidedly urban landscape. It explores love between a young couple in a city, with Rowland of course providing added window dressing, thanks to a shock of pretty pink strands in her dark hair and that bangin'  bod.

When we're not watching Sean Paul deliver his reggae-tinged rhymes in front of a fire escape, a graffiti covered door or on a rooftop (or Rowland touching her face and dancing while flashing her million dollar smile while standing in front of a concrete wall), we're immersed in plot footage. It's a simple relationship narrative, following a couple hanging out at home, in their bedroom, out on a date at a restaurant and sharing a bottle of Remy Martin -- hello, product placement! -- while lounging on their comfy couch.

While 'How Deep Is Your Love' is not the most exciting video ever, the song is in possession of a good hook and even better looking stars. So it will do its part to grab your attention and hold it.

Rowland is the queen of features, popping up on tons of songs lately, but she never, ever wears out her welcome.

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