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  • Things are changing in the area
  • Construction in the vicinity
  • As of right now, it is still there

There is a lot of construction going on near the location of this abandoned mansion in Lufkin, Texas. It's right across the highway from where they have taken a chunk out of the Winston Ranch.

All of the current work is because they are expanding HWY 59 / I69 to make it safer and faster for everyone to get to Nacogdoches. Leaving Lufkin, the house is located on the right, and it would have been a stunner if it was ever finished.

I was wondering about the fate of this strange, unfinished home recently, so I took a look on google maps. As of right now, it is still there.

Things Are Changing In The Area Of This Abandoned Mansion

This mansion is getting harder and harder to see through the overgrowth of trees that are getting taller. It's located at 4082 US-59 and there used to be a Best Buy fireworks stand in front of it.

The fireworks stand, which wasn't very old either, has been completely torn down. Now it is slightly easier to see a bit of the mansion peeking out.

Over the years there has been much speculation regarding the reason the mansion sits abandoned. We have heard all of the rumors, but not many facts.

Rumor 1: "Oh, the owner and/or builder ran out of money before it was finished..."

Rumor 2: "They moved away, and then it fell into disrepair..."

Rumor 3  "Oh, I heard the land was haunted..."

No one really knows for sure, but we have an unprecedented view of the inside and outside from a few years ago. Take a look around, and let us know if you have the real story.

Abandoned Lufkin Mansion

See this half-built abandoned mansion hiding behind the trees.

Historical Home Once Owned By A Prominent Lufkin Lawyer

 It was built from lumber that was given to him by a client on trial for murder.



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