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She is simply known as 'The Food Lady' to the kids of Athens, Texas, but what she does for them is so impactful that the kids do not yet realize what she's doing for them and how she's influencing and changing them.

This past week Willa Johnson was featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show as part of Kelly's 'Real Life Santa' segment. The segment featured people who were nominated for making the world a better place through their actions and selflessness.

Showing the true meaning of the holidays not just during the holidays, but all year round.

Willa was nominated by a reporter from Dallas/Ft. Worth who states that Willa drives 100 miles each week from her home in Ft. Worth to Athens to deliver home-cooked meals, that she makes herself for kids in low-income areas. She does this because she made herself a promise by saying when she grows up she would never let a kid eat something that is not fresh. Willa has been diagnosed with cancer and continues to provide hot meals for those kids while going through chemo.

The Kelly Clarkson Show via YouTube
The Kelly Clarkson Show via YouTube

This is the true meaning of selflessness and holiday spirit. Kelly Clarkson got Willa on screen in front of the audience with her to chat some more and learn more about why she does what she does along with what she has planned for the kids for Christmas.

There's a payoff for all the charitable work that Willa is doing.

By the end of the conversation, tears were being shed by all, and Willa was surprised with a gift from a sponsor and then again by Kelly Clarkson!

We applaud Willa and thank her too for what she does for the kids of Athens and for helping to shape and influence these kids through so many acts of kindness.

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