Be prepared to be creeped out by the teaser trailer for M. Night Shyalaman's new show for AppleTV+Servant. The trailer doesn't give away too much, but it's enough to have us sleeping with the lights on for a little while:

From what we can gather, Servant follows a couple who hires a mysterious young woman to care for their infant. But we quickly learn their baby isn't a baby at all— it's just an incredibly lifelike doll, introduced to help its mother cope with the loss of her real baby. The husband knows the truth, his wife does not. From there, things spiral out of control, and it becomes obvious that Servant is going to be one insane ride. We're dying to know the meaning of the line delivered cryptically at the end of the trailer: "Do you know who you welcomed into your home?"

Shyalaman, responsible for the mind-bending psychological thrillers The Sixth Sense and Split, co-directs and executive produces the series alongside Tony Basgallop. You'll also recognize a few familiar faces in the trailer, including Lauren Ambrose, who played Claire Fischer in HBO's Six Feet Under, as well as Harry Potter's Rupert Grint. Servant will be available exclusively on Apple TV+just in time to freak out your family after Thanksgiving dinner.

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