Let us start off by saying thank you for listening to Mix 93-1, Classic Rock 96-1, 101.5 KNUE, and 107-3 Kiss FM.

The severe thunderstorm that moved through Smith County and the city of Tyler Monday evening caused a lot of damage throughout the city, including here at our studios in Tyler.

We have a 75-foot tower that has collapsed on the top of our building.  This free-standing tower is responsible for sending our programming from the studios to our tower sites in Whitehouse, Overton, and Kilgore.

During the height of the storm, there were wind gusts of 80 mph being recorded at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport on the west side of Tyler.

The winds made it to our studios on Brookside Dr - near Loop 323 and S. Broadway and those strong winds destroyed our tower and it is now lying on the roof of our building.


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Thankfully our engineer has multiple ways of getting our signal to the tower site in addition to you being able to stream us anytime through our station app.

There will most definitely be a rebuilding period and during that time our stations may go off air, but you can always listen to us for free on our station app.  Get it through your device's app store.

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