You'll be hard to pressed to find anybody that doesn't at least LIKE former NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal. The basketball hall of famer and NBA analyst for TNT has been very busy of late with his business interests including the launch of his new chain of fast food restaurants called "Big Chicken" which has plans to invade the DFW Metroplex in the near future. With that plan in mind, Shaq is moving to keep a closer eye on his interests and he's moving pretty close to us.

Realtor Zac Gideo said he recently helped Shaq purchase a home in Collin County, posting a picture of the two on Instagram.

Gideo, a realtor with Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate, said he connected with Shaq through Instagram and now Shaq will be a new homeowner in North Texas. While we don't know exactly where or what kind of home he brought we do know that this is sort of a "homecoming" for Shaq who has Texas ties. Shaq went to high school in San Antonio while his stepfather, who was in the military, was stationed there. Its there that Shaq got discovered and recruited to LSU where his hall of fame career took off from there.

We Do Know That Shaq Sold His Florida Mega Mansion Last Year

Shaq has apparently been in the market for a new crib for a minute after he sold his Orlando, Florida estate last year for $11 Million. With its ‘gentleman’s room,’ private bar, and an aquarium-style space with a saltwater triangular fish tank, Shaq's former Florida home is considered to be one of the world's best homes according to Better Homes & Gardens. Considering that Shaq made a NICE $7 million dollar profit (he brought it for only $3 million) from the sale, its going to be interesting to see what he buys here in Texas. But we decided to be nosy and take a look inside Shaq's old home in Florida and see what's inside.

Shaq's Florida Mansion That He Sold For $11 Million

Shaq's moving to Texas but first he had to get rid of his Orlando, Florida estate which is considered one of the best homes in the WORLD according to Better Homes & Gardens. Let's take a look inside!

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